Genex ClinicalCare 24 (formerly FirstNurse)

In the event of a work injury, call 844-229-8555.

Telephonic Nurse Case Management Program

Program facilitates immediate telephonic nurse contact on a 24/7 basis for injured employees while providing immediate accident reporting to the Member representative and MIRMA as soon as accidents are reported. Telephonic nurse contact will assess and advise employee of the most prudent course of medical treatment. Nurse will triage patient care to ensure appropriate and timely medical care while minimizing any lost time of regular work hours. Telephonic nurse follow up with injured employee and authorized medical provider to assess appropriateness of care while coordinating information to MIRMA. Nurse will document contact in the claim system and complete the majority of the First Report of Injury.

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  • A dedicated phone number will be distributed to Member employees and supervisors. This number shall be answered 24/7 by a registered nurse.
  • Injured workers or supervisors will call dedicated phone number to report new workers’ compensation injury.
  • Nurse will interview worker and assess medical condition and recommended treatment plan.
  • Patient care guidelines and the nurse’s judgment shall be used in the direction of appropriate medical care.
  • Nurse will pre-certify medical care and provide instruction on authorized treatment facility.
  • Nurse will contact authorized medical provider when needed and notify provider of details of claimant injury.
  • Management of all injuries will transfer to MIRMA at the conclusion of the initial medical visit.
  • Nurse will access the claim system to record details about the claimant, injury, medical information and recommended treatment plan.
  • The claim system will generate a new claim and provide immediate e-mail notification to the Member representative and MIRMA. This e-mail notification will include a PDF of MO’s First Report of Injury that has been pre-filled with certain elements obtained by the nurse.
  • Authorized Member representative will complete required First Report of Injury fields (payroll information).
  • MIRMA will change the coverage code to Medical Only or Indemnity, and release the claim to be electronically reported to the Division of Work Comp.
  • It is not necessary to contact Genex ClinicalCare 24 in the event of a catastrophic injury, such as an amputation, electrocution, shooting or other significant life threatening injury where immediate medical intervention is necessary.

Telephonic nurse case management program will ensure and facilitate:

  • Appropriate medical care direction at the time of injury through immediate nurse involvement and communication with injured employee.
  • Coordination of medical data and treatment recommendations with MIRMA adjuster and Member representative to minimize financial impact and duration of claim.
  • Timely incident reporting within the claim system and subsequent reporting to the State of Missouri.
  • Members no longer need to decide if it is necessary to send an employee for medical care or decide where to send them!
  • Members no longer need to complete the Missouri First Report of Injury or on-line accident reports! Genex ClinicalCare 24 handles this task on your behalf!

Information to be obtained from each member:

  • Your contact’s name, email, phone & fax.
  • Your Post-Accident Testing Protocol.
  • Your preferred providers:
    • Occupation Health (name of facility, address and phone number)
    • Urgent Care (name of facility, address and phone number)
    • ER/Hospital (name of facility, address and phone number)