COVID-19 Information

Please find information below that has been distributed to the membership through email.

Above, please find guidance discussing city-wide steps to protect your employees from each other through staff segregation and separation. Please consider the date of the document (in file name) as more recent updates may be available closer to the top of the list.

Please continue to reach out with questions. All staff are now working remotely with the exception of Matthew (currently splitting time between home and office). Emails are the most effective means to reach all staff. However the following staff you may call or text on their cell phones.

Glenn Price – Claims and Litigation Director (816) 835-5475

Patrick Bonnot – Loss Control and Member Services Director (573) 469-8900

Jeff Arp – Loss Control (573) 819-9222

Kelly Beets – Loss Control (573) 424-6211

Steve Brown – Health and Employee Benefits Director (816) 682-1134

Matthew Brodersen – Executive Director (573) 819-0438